The Right Life Style For Persons With Diabetes


Millions of people have diabetes around the globe and only a few millions are aware of their condition. The rest do not have a single clue that they are diabetics and still live their lives unmindful of the necessary measures to prevent their diabetes from getting serious. If you are suspecting yourself having beyond normal blood sugar in your annual physical examinations, then have yourself checked for diabetes right away. It is better to know about diabetes as early as possible so that you can manage it properly. Now, if you already know that you have diabetes, then you must …

Simple Life Style Changes That Help You Lose Weight


There are a number of reasons many people in our society are over weight. Much of this has to do with life style. Your life style will affect your health and often your weight. So if your life style is adversely affecting you health and weight, you probably want to make some changes.

Some changes that you could make are actually very simple, but will take some will power. These changes include proper exercise and a balanced diet. Exercise is very important and could just mean going out side and taking your dog for a walk. Having a balanced diet …

Homeless youth treated to free shopping spree in Emeryville mall – East Bay Times


EMERYVILLE — Private shopping sprees typically are reserved for the rich and famous. But the giddy young people piling their arms high with free Forever 21 merchandise were neither — they were from a local homeless shelter.

“I’ve never done anything like it before!” said one young woman as she poured over the jewelry display, selecting a necklace of rainbow beads to go with the marigold dress slung over her arm. “It’s just amazing. Especially from not really having much, to be able to pick whatever I want.”

When Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy last year, it left behind all