Russia’s Yandex chooses Ann Arbor for long-term testing of self-driving cars

Russia’s Yandex chooses Ann Arbor for long-term testing of self-driving cars

Russian tech company Yandex arrived in Michigan with the hopes of showcasing its autonomous-driving systems during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Those plans changed amid the pandemic, and continue to do so.

Even after the show was canceled, Yandex intended to make the Motor City its home base for testing in North America. But the company said Thursday its long-term U.S. fleet instead would locate down the road.

Yandex will run its operations out of nearby Ann Arbor, which has established itself as a regional destination

MGM Resorts’ ‘Work from Las Vegas’ travel package comes with a perk


LAS VEGAS – MGM Resorts is now luring business professionals to resorts with ‘Work from Vegas’ travel packages that include discounted jet service, rooms as cheap as $100-per-night and a living, breathing executive assistant.

The new program is called Viva Las Office, and it’s the latest example of a Las Vegas company pumping up perks to boost bookings in the wake of coronavirus travel fallout.

“Can we make it work? Are we filling a need that’s really big out there?” said Atif Rafiq, president of commercial and growth at MGM Resorts, in an interview with the USA TODAY Network.

Why Georgia Shouldn’t Repeal Its ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ Law


Georgia’s “citizen’s arrest” law came to the national forefront earlier this year after several men misused it to justify chasing down and killing Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old jogger the men said they suspected of burglary.

Now, some Georgia legislators are pushing to repeal the law, claiming it has racist origins and is outdated in an era of modern law enforcement.

Although no legislation has been formally introduced, the outcry has been substantial enough that a state House of Representatives committee recently held hearings about repealing the citizen’s arrest law.

Arbery’s death was tragic, and Georgia law on citizen’s arrests

Gyms still waiting to reopen; outdoor rally planned in Amherst


Catalyst Fitness will host a rally at its Maple Road location in Amherst on Thursday, calling on Gov. Cuomo to allow fitness centers to reopen.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Gyms across New York State are still waiting to learn when they can reopen from COVID-19 shutdowns.

On Thursday, 15 fitness clubs throughout the state will hold outdoor rallies at the same time to call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow them to open back up.

The rallies will be hosted by the New York State Fitness Alliance, a group created to help accelerate the safe reopening of fitness centers.

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