America to Trump: “You’re Fired!”


You’re fired!” America cried well before Donald Trump became president, when he was a mere candidate running for the job. The cry grew louder as Trump trampled the Constitution, defied the rule of law and broke norms sacred to America during its 250-odd year history. It took a global pandemic to prove just how disastrous was the administration Trump had installed over three years.

The brazen renegade Trump drew adherents as any flamboyant daredevil does. Once in office on a technicality assisted by foreign powers as yet unknown, Trump used the vast powers of his office to lasso conservatives into his orbit and keep them spinning with skills perfected over a lifetime. Those skills came to a crashing halt when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the slow Trump response set the pace for the dissolution of the Trump facade..

The primary Trump skills of bluster and fabrication failed to spin the reality that people were dying and that the economy was paralyzed. So was Trump himself as evidence proved that his methods were counterproductive to managing a crisis.

The Trump toolbox of survival mechanisms has no Swiss army knife for unlocking empathy. As a lifelong real estate con artist, Trump may be adept at reading potential gullible targets, but he proved sorely lacking when the stakes were in the serious form of American life and livelihood. If Trump were a reasonably rational human being, the pandemic, the ensuing economic crisis and the George Floyd racial murder would have been pivot points for coalescing human sentiment to jointly address the crisis. Trump chose his own ancient path of divide and conquer to win support. The tactic seriously backfired and the Trump response was to double down on the message..

By the Fourth of July 2020, Trump had survived an embarrassing defeat in #Tulsa Oklahoma when supporters declined to attend his rally due to the reality of Covid threats. In South Dakota, Trump muscled his wan onto sacred native American lands to host fans at a rally without Covid safeguards, with results still to be determined. On the Fourth itself, Trump renewed his loyalty to the memories of dead Confederate losers while skating past the issue of a raging pandemic. The base may cheer at the Trump delivery, particularly if witnessed in the midst of a rally however risky to attend and the riskier the better to some. But beyond the noise and hype, most Americans are ready to tell Trump “You’re fired.”

Donald Trump is a product of a youn g America in transition to a global world. Trump won the support of his base by promising to return America to some past glory. That nonexistent past glory is as dead as the Trump facade after Covid wreaked havoc across America with the help of Donald Trump. In the age of the social media, the country is seen as split into two, the conservatives who support Trump and the the liberals split into camps of their own. In truth, however, those two groups seem misidentified.

The two groups that have formed since the election of Donald Trump can be reduced to their most basic components. Trump is loud, blustering and full of boastful claims with no evidence in reality. Those are the jingle-jangle gew-gaws that attract adolescents eschewing the military. The other group is the adult segment of the American population, the one able to see the discord between word and deed. It is their vote that will count when America finally tells Trump with a pull of the media plug that “You’re fired.”,

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