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(CNN) –Being cooped up at home and away from the gym or the yoga studio can make it harder to stay on track of our health these days.

However, health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour says you can simply turn to your phone.

Mansour recommends checking out these six mobile apps that she says can help keep you accountable.

Habit Tracker

“Habit Tracker is great for any habit that you’re looking to cultivate, such as writing in a gratitude journal. or working out, ” Mansour said.

Yoga Wake-Up

“Yoga Wake-Up doesn’t even require a mat. You can wake up to a yoga routine and meditation while you’re in bed,”


“Waterlogged helps you track water throughout the day. Drinking more water is going to help you fight fatigue, reduce headaches, and speed up your metabolism to help with weight loss.”

Chill Anywhere

Chill Anywhere doesn’t require a meditation studio or even a block to literally chill.”

Lose It

Lose It is an app that helps you track food, and helps give you little reminders on what you need to improve upon or what foods are trending in your daily diary.”

My Fitness Pal

“My Fitness Pal helps track not only food but fitness! you can access fitness routines and also recipes and track your fitness success.”

“All of us are on our phones! so why not make your phone for you and download a health and fitness app!”

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