Back-to-School Shopping in 2020: How to Save Amid Uncertainty | Lifestyles


3. Check prices before and after shopping

Price matching involves comparing identical items at other stores and asking a retailer to match a lower price. The trick may not make sense for a package of pencils, but for clothing, electronics and other higher-dollar items, a successful price match could save you tens of dollars, if not more.

Check a retailer’s website for its price matching policy details. Many will also refund the price difference if you spot a cheaper price within a certain time frame after the purchase.

4. Team up to buy in bulk

Regardless of where your child is learning this fall, they’ll need supplies that other students are also after. By teaming up with other parents, you can purchase things like hand sanitizer and supplies for homework and note-taking in bulk. If your child’s teacher is reluctant to give out parents’ contact information, ask if they would send out yours in a group email so other parents can reach you if they’re interested in group savings.

“With many parents focused on at-home learning, you can also find savings by teaming up with other families in your neighborhood on purchases,” Palmer says. “Some communities are forming ‘pandemic pods’ to share the burden of teaching at home and keep kids socialized — pooling school supplies across the pod can spread the expenses and make them more manageable.”

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