BenFred: Here’s how the 2020 MLB season looks from the epicenter of the sport’s latest COVID-19 outbreak | Ben Frederickson


• If all goes according to plan — and there is no reason to think things will go according to the plan — the Cardinals will have spent as many nights (five) in Milwaukee as they have games played in 2020. And remember, they played zero games in Milwaukee.

• If all goes according to plan — and there is no reason to think things will go according to plan — the Cardinals are 2-3 in terms of their record, but 5-7 in terms of games played versus games postponed.

• The team hopes to have two practices — just two — before resuming play Friday against the Cubs. That’s if the Cubs agree to show up.

This rush to return might look a little shortsighted if a hamstring pulls or an elbow ligament snaps after players spent days locked in their hotel rooms eating room service. Hopefully that hotel-room yoga helped.

Also: What if the Cubs don’t show up? What if they demand to play the game in Chicago? MLB commissioner Rob Manfred can’t let opponents pick and choose the schedule. Of course, leading isn’t really his thing.

• Mozeliak had not been informed before the Zoom call that his team’s trip to Iowa for the “Field of Dreams” game against the White Sox had been canceled. That should tell you something about the state of chaos around the league right now. Players and team officials are getting their news from Twitter, just like you.

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