The baby names parents are most likely to regret


From Cosmopolitan

Naming another human is kind of a big deal, so it’s a decision that lots of thought goes into. Some people keep lists of their favourite baby names even if they’re not planning to have kids for a while, whereas others make more of a last minute decision. But whichever way you approach it, there’s always the risk of regret over your choice.

New research carried out by the name picking team at reveals that a fair chunk of parents do actually go on to regret their baby name choice over time. 73% of more than 5,000

Program provides strategies for parenting during a pandemic


A newly developed therapy aims to bolster child-rearing techniques during the age of COVID-19.

Weeks before giving birth to her third child, Heather Harris was thrust into a life of quarantine. And once she returned from the hospital, Harris and her husband suddenly had to toggle between caring for a newborn, helping their 4-year-old and 6-year-old learn to navigate the computer to participate in school, and making sure that the children’s assignments were completed.

Fortunately, her husband was taking some time off from work and Harris was on maternity leave. But, according to Harris, they both struggled under the weight

Parenting Tips: 5 Mistakes to avoid while sleep training your baby


Babies sleep pattern depends a lot on how you train them. Sleep training should be given patiently to your baby as it takes time for them to get adjusted with the routine. So, here are certain mistakes to avoid while giving the training to your little one.

Parenting Tips: 5 Mistakes to avoid while sleep training your babyParenting Tips: 5 Mistakes to avoid while sleep training your baby

Sleep training a baby is a crucial time for every parent. They have to be patient enough as this process takes time to get adjusted. Right after the birth, babies sleep cycle is different which makes parents spend several sleepless nights.