Parenting A Child With Autism & Becoming The Support They Need


As a parent, receiving the news that your child has autism is processed in different ways among different people. If you know someone who is on the spectrum, depending on the experiences you’ve had (or haven’t had), can often become the way you first become informed about the subject. Regardless of the circumstance of each parent, there are ways your child can live a happy and fulfilled life – but they will need a parent’s help. So here are some steps you can take to ensure you become the best support for your child.

Educate yourself

We sometimes fear what

Reforming ‘dad leave’ is a baby step towards greater gender equality


Grattan Institute research published today shows the average 25-year-old woman who goes on to have a child can expect to earn A$2 million less by the time she is 70 than the average 25-year-old man who becomes a father. For childless women and men, the lifetime gap is about A$300,000.

This earnings gap leaves mothers particularly vulnerable if their relationship breaks down.

Unpaid work still falls largely on women

The income gap between mothers and fathers is typically due to women reducing their paid work to take on most of the caring and household work.

Even before COVID-19, Australian women

Florida Hospital Loses Newborn’s Body, Sued By Baby’s Parents



  • The baby’s parents are seeking $30,000 in damages
  • The remains are still missing
  • Cause of death was not known

A Florida couple has sued a hospital for allegedly losing their newborn child’s body.

The baby’s parents filed a lawsuit against St. Joseph’s Hospital in July for “negligent handling of a body and infliction of emotional distress.” The family is seeking $30,000 in damages.

The lawsuit obtained by Fox 13 on Friday, Aug.7, stated that Kathryn and Travis Wilson welcomed their son at the hospital on Feb. 25. Three days later, the baby died at the hospital. Following the

Awkward moment gran recoils from ‘ugly baby photo’ before realising she is ‘FaceTiming the parents’


THIS is the awkward moment a gran recoiled from an “ugly” baby photo – before realising she is actually “FaceTiming the parents”. 

The gran was pranked by grandson Stewart McGonigle, who showed her the newborn as she was clearing up in the kitchen.

A gran was pranked by her grandson who showed her a photo of an 'ugly' baby


A gran was pranked by her grandson who showed her a photo of an ‘ugly’ baby

In the viral video, Stewart walks into the room and asks the gran to look at a “photo” of the newborn. 

He says: “Oh nan look, Annie had a wean.”

Peering at the photo, the gran then grimaces and pulls