Elon Musk Quietly Revealed a Brilliant Plan That Could Change the Auto Industry


Tesla recently made headlines when it overtook Toyota as the most valuable automotive company in the world. That fact is pretty unbelievable when you compare the amount of cars each company sold last year:

Toyota sold about 10.7 million cars globally in 2019.

Tesla sold under 368,000.

Of course, Tesla has achieved its value more on the basis of future potential than present accomplishments. The company, under the leadership of its polarizing chief executive Elon Musk, has paved the way in producing electric vehicles, at a time when the world as a whole is moving towards using more sustainable sources

Auto Giants Swing to Loss During Coronavirus-Driven Downturn — 4th Update

By Mike Colias and Ruth Bender

Ford Motor Co. posted a $1.9 billion operating loss in the second quarter, the latest global auto maker to report steep losses from factory closures as the pandemic’s financial fallout on the car business comes into focus.

Still, global auto makers this week said they expect profits to return in coming months — barring further factory disruptions related to Covid-19 — as the restart of production has mostly gone smoothly and buyer demand has been stronger than analysts expected when the crisis hit.

Ford’s second-quarter result was far better than the $5 billion operating

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Each year the team at JD Power reveals what car brands owners find most appealing. This year, you might be surprised at the results.

For 2020, the results of the Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study show a real dominance by domestic automakers. They don’t fill up the list, but they definitely own all the spots at the top.

The APEAL study measures an owner’s emotional attachment to their new vehicle and if it delivers on all fronts the customers had hoped for. According to JD Power it is as important for manufacturers as quality issues as buying a

Buying A Car In Israel | The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com | Aviva Horowitz Karoly | 9 Av 5780 – July 30, 2020


Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Back in New York, we didn’t own a car – there simply was no need. We lived near the A train subway line and thus were able to travel around the city easily without fretting about finding a parking spot.

But living in Israel is different. While Modi’in is centrally located and boasts a high-speed train line, it is a large sprawling city. Realistically speaking, we need a car to get around.

New cars in Israel are very expensive – generally more than double the cost of a car in America. While olim are offered a