Back to school laptop guide: Covid-19 edition


Maybe the laptop is something your school supplies — or maybe you’ll buy it yourself. Either way, you need a survival plan.

Last year, American schools bought about 30 million laptops and tablets, while parents bought 2.2 million directly, according to industry analyst Futuresource. Even with a push toward free laptop programs, many schools are still asking parents who can afford it to buy equipment themselves. And for some families, getting a new laptop is a rite of passage.

But the pandemic has changed what we need these machines to do. Now laptops need to get online at home, away

Finding The Best Online Computer Vision Courses For 2021


Steve is the Head of Data Science and AI at Australian Computer Society, a proactive social media contributor and LinkedIn influencer.

Computers back in the day were good at understanding numbers yet failed miserably at reasoning visual data. Over the years, many researchers and engineers have worked on the path of making computer reason better on the image data that humans perceived so naturally. The generation of image data increases at a rate of petabytes per minute, and humans cannot process it all. Hence, computer vision should be a crucial driver of intelligent technology in the coming years.

Guard soldiers graduate from the Ivy Tech’s Cyber Academy


INDIANAPOLIS — A group of Indiana National Guard soldiers are among one of the first graduating classes at Ivy Tech’s Cyber Academy at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Jackson County.

One of them has turned the training into a promising career.

Two years into his bachelor’s degree, James Gill, felt like many students — discouraged and unsatisfied.

Gill, an information technician specialist with Headquarters Battery, 2nd Battalion, 150th Field Artillery Regiment in Bloomington, was pursuing an IT degree at Northern Kentucky University while serving in the National Guard and working part-time at a local superstore.

Gill sought to work full-time

Grant to help Portsmouth High tech center, chamber bolster connection with local industry – News –


PORTSMOUTH — Enhancing connection between local industry professionals in the hospitality, computer science and health science fields with local high schoolers is the push behind a recent grant awarded to the Portsmouth High School Career Technical Center and the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth by the N.H. Charitable Foundation.

The chamber has teamed with PHS-CTC to help facilitate opportunities for industry and education to meet in real-world partnerships related to these three, in-demand business sectors.

The $9,940 grant will be used in the following manner:

The partnership between PHS-CTC, the chamber, postsecondary and local business partners will be used to