Wings galore at Wing Town | Food-and-cooking


Wings galore at Wing Town

A 10-piece order of teriyaki wings and an order of cheese sticks from Wing Town on Opelika Road in Auburn.

I put wings in that often-described category of comfort food. You know the ones. After that first bite, you wonder why you don’t eat them more often. Or maybe wings just have that effect on me.

This week’s food review brought me Wing Town on Opelika Road in Auburn. I seem to pass it on my way to most places, so I thought it was time to give it a try.

With a name like Wing Town,

Pork steak: A treasure in plain sight | Food-and-cooking


Of course, with all those pork steaks on my hands, I wasn’t going to stop at one recipe. I wanted to look at other ways of cooking this hidden treasure. I want to share some of my results with you. I think you will enjoy.

One of my favorite Asian dishes is twice or double-cooked pork. Traditionally, pork belly is simmered before slicing and then stir fried. Pork steak is a great substitute. The result is both tender and crisp.

Rich versions have bean paste or fermented black beans added. Most always sweet peppers appear and sometimes cabbage. Find it

Berks food safety inspections July 15 to July 28, 2020: Cooked chicken was held at 68.8 degrees instead of 135 degrees at one restaurant | Local News


The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture keeps records of food safety inspections at restaurants and food vendors.

Berks County is divided into three jurisdictions: Reading, Muhlenberg Township and the rest of the county. The results will be posted every other week. All food vendors are inspected at least once a year. View any vendor’s last inspection report online. Click on the PDF version of the inspection report for all details.

If a food provider is labeled out of compliance, that means it has one or more violations that require a return visit by an inspector. The establishment is given time to

On Food Vlogger Yemisi Odusanya and the Joy of Watching Experts Cook


It was a few days before shelter-in-place began and I needed to get out of my apartment. I strolled across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, through the West Village, and stepped into Los Mariscos, still noisy and packed as ever just days before the city shut down.

I felt better, crammed between two wide-shouldered men — both of them well into their third and fourth tequila flights — at the restaurant’s bar. I watched as three cooks stood working hip-to-hip in the open kitchen, flattening golf balls of masa, and laying them on the griddle. I drank something strong