The Acclaimed Soba Maker Who Champions Home Cooking


Wandering among the artisanal shops of Kamakura, Japan, with her grandmother, a young Sonoko Sakai used to watch with fascination as tofu makers, tea roasters and rice millers crafted their products by hand. There was a fishmonger who delicately sliced and dried his fish on wire mesh screens, and a senbei (rice cracker) maker who sat on a tatami mat turning over each crisp, aromatic disc with chopsticks above a charcoal grill.

As the Queens-born daughter of an executive with Japan Airlines, Sakai, now a cookbook author, teacher and food activist, also spent plenty of time familiarizing herself with other

Charlotte Man Cooks 80 Meals For Homeless Living in Tents


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – For the last week, Griffin Brody from Charlotte has been planning out how he would get all the needed food and containers to make about 80 meals.


What You Need To Know

  • Griffin Brody from Charlotte cooked up 40 lbs of chicken, 7 bags of broccoli and dozens of potatoes
  • He bought it all with his own money
  • In total he made 80 meals for the homeless

His first step was to pick up 40 lbs of chicken Saturday from the Charlotte Knights Community Chicken Sale at BB&T Ballpark.

“All the individuals that have been inflicted by

Kathy Marcks Hardesty: Artisan winemakers rule the wine world | Food and Cooking


When I say I prefer small, artisan wineries, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just because they always rate among my Central Coast favorites. That said, I like quite a few large producers owned by rich corporations, they can afford to buy the best equipment and top winemakers.


Simpsonville mom wins Food Network’s ‘Worst Cooks in America’


There might be one downside to winning a Food Network Show, and now Ari Robinson knows what it is.

The Simpsonville mother of five was crowned the winner of Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” this week, taking home the $25,000 grand prize as well as some impressive cooking skills.

And therein lies the downside.

“I’m no longer the worst cook in American and my family will not let me live that down either,” Robinson said with a laugh. “It’s like what are you cooking today?”

“I’m like y’all remember that time when you didn’t like my cooking, let’s go