An abundance of carrots leads to a tasty side dish | Food and Cooking



Roasting is an easy way to get sweet, tender carrots.

I seem to have a plethora of carrots in my fridge these days. The obvious way to use them up would be to peel and slice them into carrot sticks for a quick, grab-and-go snack. Another easy way I like to prepare carrots is to peel and grate a big bunch of them in my food processor for a sweet addition to a garden salad, tomato sauce or summer lentil soup.

An additional way to use up carrots is to roast them. Roasting is an easy way to

Beet borscht with sour cream is cool comfort | Food and Cooking



This cold soup is refreshing in the heat of the day.

Cold beet borscht, one of my favorite summer soups, is an Eastern European classic, but it has been a staple in many American kitchens for years. The following recipe is a far cry from the bottled borscht I grew up on, which was just shredded beets with beet juice in a bottle. This version elevates that basic soup with vegetables and fragrant dill weed. Sweet julienned carrot and refreshing cucumber added just before serving give it extra crunch.

There are additional embellishments you can add depending upon your

Keep the green in summer beans | Food and Cooking


For “company batches” of French-cut beans, I pull out my little hand-crank French bean slicer. It’s a slick kitchen tool that attaches to a counter top. To operate it, you feed a handful of fresh green beans into the hopper while turning the crank. Beans are sliced into slender French-cut slices in short order. I found mine at a local kitchen ware store years ago, but you might not have such luck. However, it’s also available via the internet. Made by NorPro, (NorPro Deluxe Bean Frencher with clamp) it costs about $29. Norpro also sells a hand-held bean slicer like

What kind of food has been most popular with people ordering delivery in Seattle in 2020? New survey shows ordering trends

Amy Wong

With the coronavirus pandemic shuttering dining out, Seattleites have spent much more time ordering takeout and cooking at home. So what kinds of food are people gravitating toward?

DoorDash — one of the biggest food delivery apps in the U.S. — has released data that reveals trends about what food people in Seattle have been ordering for delivery through the first half of 2020.

Using order data from January through June, and a national survey of 2,000 adults, DoorDash says that Seattle’s delivery food of choice is seafood, including sushi, fish and chips, and crab