Buzz Bites: Workout replenishment and a record food drive | Food-and-cooking


This week’s Buzz Bites include a new place to get energized before or after your next workout, plus an update on a recent Lake Monticello food drive.

Fuel your workout

Town Center Four at the University of Virginia Research Park now offers Navbar, which is operated by Foods of All Nations. It’s a convenient place to pick up specialty coffees, smoothies, water and a variety of grab-and-go foods before or after your workout at Success Studio North.

The new fitness facility is operated by Bill Burnett, a fitness industry veteran who founded Bill Burnett’s Success Studio in Ivy Shopping Center.

The Uncle Roger controversy: Why people are up in arms over a rice cooking video

(CNN) — On July 8, Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng uploaded to YouTube a video titled “DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video,” under his comedic persona “Uncle Roger.”

In the video, Ng slammed BBC Food presenter Hersha Patel’s unconventional way of cooking Chinese-style egg-fried rice, which included draining the rice through a strainer after boiling.

“What she doing? Oh my god. You’re killing me, woman. Drain the — she’s draining rice with colander! How can you drain rice with colander? This is not pasta!” he exclaimed.

Shortly afterward, he groaned, “You’re ruining the rice,” as Patel used tap water to

New meal kit delivery service debuts on food scene | Food and Cooking



Beef Short Ribs is one of the meals offered through SupperUp.

SupperUp, a no-prep meal kit company, debuted this spring in Illinois. The company will launch in other markets/states in the future.

Meals offered through SupperUp are created for use in the Instant Pot or other pressure-cooker-style appliance.

“Now more than ever we want to help get homemade meals on the table easily and safely with the help of our

A Dirt-Simple Method to Master the Perfect Steak


Man has been cooking meat ever since he harnessed Fire. Most of the time he’s gotten it wrong. While the technique I’m going to teach you can also be misapplied to large root vegetables, you’ll do no favors to any potatoes, carrots, rutabagas or Brussels Sprouts that have been rudely subjected to this brutal treatment.

You’ll need a few essentials:

A 2 inch thick (or thicker if you please) boneless Ribeye steak

3 tablespoons Avocado oil

Garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper


A Dutch oven large enough in which to lay that steak flat

Paper towels

Aluminum foil