Gordon Ramsay Is Critiquing Peoples’ Meals On TikTok


Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok account is full of joyful things like him dancing with his daughter or reacting to audios of his own freak-outs, but these days, it’s mainly full of the TV chef’s bread and butter: telling people their cooking absolutely sucks. He’s been reacting to some home cooks’ creations lately and every one of his videos will make you glad you keep your cooking to yourself.

Gordon had previously roasted photos of peoples’ food on Twitter, and of course on TV, but now that he has taken his talents to TikTok, his videos have racked up millions of views.

Sikes: Pork steak: A treasure in plain sight | Food-and-cooking


Of course, with all those pork steaks on my hands, I wasn’t going to stop at one recipe. I wanted to look at other ways of cooking this hidden treasure. I want to share some of my results with you. I think you will enjoy.

One of my favorite Asian dishes is twice or double-cooked pork. Traditionally, pork belly is simmered before slicing and then stir fried. Pork steak is a great substitute. The result is both tender and crisp.

Rich versions have bean paste or fermented black beans added. Most always sweet peppers appear and sometimes cabbage. Find it

It’s officially OK to eat mac and cheese for breakfast, according to Kraft | Food and Cooking


Kraft mac and cheese is now a breakfast food, apparently

Kraft wants you to wake up and smell the mac and cheese. The company hopes the new “breakfast” label could take away some of the shame that’s associated with parents serving their kids easy-to-make non-breakfast foods in the morning.

Kraft wants you to wake up and smell the mac and cheese.

More Americans are eating at home as the pandemic spreads across the United States, and household routines are changing. So Kraft Heinz announced Tuesday that it will rebrand its Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner along with its iconic blue box.

It’s not getting a full

Food Network to premiere special at-home episodes of ‘Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals’


Wed, Aug 5th 2020 04:20 pm

New self-shot episodes to premiere this fall on Food Network Kitchen App, followed by airings on Food Network

Production has just completed on special at-home episodes of “Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals,” it was announced Wednesday by Food Network President Courtney White.

An Emmy-winning talk show host, best-selling cookbook author and Food Network star, Ray returns with 20 self-shot episodes of the Daytime Emmy-nominated culinary series from her upstate New York home. The host and chef gives viewers real-time, step-by-step cooking instructions, from ingredient prep to getting a meal on the table with time-saving