Crawford: Governor Ducey open our gyms now


By Bill Crawford

Governor Ducey is making a huge mistake by prolonging the agonizing closure of health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms in Arizona.

This order is causing irreparable harm to the health, wellbeing, and fitness of tens of thousands of people who have been proactively engaged in promoting their own wellbeing. We know that being fit equates to being healthier.

Those who are fit require far less medical attention and procedures than those who are deconditioned and unfit. This has been well established by the medical and research community and is recognized by the insurance industry and

Daxko Announces Community Connect, Member Experience App in Partnership with EGYM


“No matter how the health and fitness industry changes in the coming months and years, Daxko has and always will be committed to being your partner in not only meeting but exceeding member needs,” says CEO Ron Lamb. “Community Connect will help you deliver an experience for members who are craving community that extends beyond the doors of your facilities.”

“EGYM is thrilled to provide Daxko with an efficient and versatile mobile platform that enables fitness providers to quickly go to market with their own member app and connect with their communities. Whether members choose to train onsite, at

Wearable fitness devices deliver early warning of possible COVID-19 infection


The difficulty many people have getting tested for SARS-CoV-2 and delays in receiving test results make early warning of possible COVID-19 infections all the more important, and data from wearable health and fitness devices shows promise for identifying who might have COVID-19.

Today’s wearable device gather data about physical activity, heart rate, body temperature and quality of sleep. This data is typically used to help people track general well-being. Smartwatches are the most common type of wearable. There are also smart wrist bands, finger rings and earbuds. Smart clothing, shoes and eyeglasses can also be considered “wearables.” Popular brands include

NJBIA Statement on Reopening of Health and Fitness Clubs


NJBIA Statement on Reopening of

Health and Fitness Clubs


NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka issued the following statement regarding Thursday’s Senate Fiscal Recovery Strategists Committee held in Trenton. The discussion revolved around the challenges faced by health and fitness clubs in returning to business.

“NJBIA thanks Chairman Sarlo and the members of the committee for conducting Thursday’s public hearing on the impacts of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s health and fitness clubs.

“While we recognize an uptick in our state’s rate of transmission and positivity tests, we know from looking at neighboring states such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania that health