Jillian Michaels 7-Minute Fitness Challenge: Meditation


Health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels created a 7-day challenge for Yahoo readers. Each day features a 7-minute calorie burning, strength building, confident boosting workout. Are you up to the challenge?

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A look at 7 deadly explosions involving ammonium nitrate | Health and Fitness


Investigators probing the deadly blast that ripped across Beirut focused Wednesday on possible negligence in the storage of tons of a highly explosive fertilizer in a waterfront warehouse, while the government ordered the house arrest of several port officials.

The investigation is focusing on how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive chemical used in fertilizers, came to be stored at the facility for six years, and why nothing was done about it.

Here are some deadly explosions over the years involving ammonium nitrate:

Michelle Obama says she’s suffering from ‘low-grade depression’ | Health and Fitness


She also discussed her frustration with people who refuse to wear masks. “There’s almost like there’s a limit to our sacrifice and it was about a month and then we just got tired of the virus,” she said. “That’s been disheartening to see so many people who have grown tired of staying at home because the virus didn’t impact them.”

Obama emphasized that while “we’ve been through tough times in this nation” before, “we are in a unique moment in history… We are living through something that no one in our lifetimes has lived through.”

On Thursday, Obama took to

Fitness classes could be coming soon to Eugene parks


EUGENE, Ore. – People looking for opportunities to work out safely will soon have a new option.

Eugene’s Parks and Open Space will be adapting the low-cost park rental program to make it easier for local businesses to hold health and fitness activities outside.

Businesses that are approved can reserve space for up to two hours per day five days a week for $40 a month. The $150 deposit has been temporarily waived.

Classes most follow public health guidelines. Contact sports are not allowed and participants must wear masks if they can’t keep six feet of distance from others. Shared