The Fashion Lifestyle Icon taking the Industry by Storm


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2020 / Justin Haynes, founder of JUS10H, has made his way to the top of the fashion industry through hard work and dreaming big. Justin is what the fashion industry refers to as a “Ready to Wear Designer.” He primarily focuses on the day-to-day clothing of men, women, and children, as well as the personal lifestyle clothing of his clients all over the world. He has created his own version of the fashion lifestyle, which makes him unique in the industry and given him the recognition as a Fashion Lifestyle

The Benefits and Detriments of a Wine Consumption Lifestyle


In previous columns I’ve been an advocate for the moderate consumption of wine. I’ve presented the benefits and rarely focused on the negative aspects. (Isn’t there always a counterargument these days concerning the benefits or detriments of any form of food or beverage?)

Well, here it is: the negative argument for imbibing wine (or any other alcoholic beverage). Especially in these coronavirus times, when many consumers have increased their sheltered-in-place alcoholic intake.

In an effort to provide a balanced approach, let’s first focus on the benefits of consuming wine in moderation.

Anecdotal proof: Wine has been consumed by many civilizations

Lifestyle: I bought a longboard to help put the ‘alt’ back in ‘alt-weekly. It did not go well. – Entertainment & Life –


After just 48-hours as the proud new owner of a longboard, I managed a miraculous wipe out on a small hill. I dragged my sad broken butt home and queued up a video chat with my college roommates to assess the damage. They were not impressed.




“DON’T GO TO SLEEP,” my friend Kat instructed — her new-mom energy was showing.




Luckily, I’ve been perfecting the art of French braiding for months, a hearty hairstyle that spared my skull from splitting open on the gently sloping pavement. I could nevertheless see that my face was turning the color of a rhinoceros

Invest In A Lifestyle, Not A Business


Clare Moore is the Head of Franchising at Tide Cleaners.

There is a reason that young children often grow up wanting to be actors, dancers, football players, firefighters and astronauts. These are exciting jobs. These glamorous-sounding jobs can be a lot more challenging and grueling than they appear, but to a little kid they seem exciting, whereas running a business — not so much. Of course, even some business owners might say that their work isn’t all that appealing. But if that’s your mindset, you’re probably doing something wrong. Because, honestly, I think business is about the most