Getting a refund from an Estonian hotel gets complicated with an online travel agency and a global pandemic


Q: I booked a trip to Tallinn, Estonia, earlier this year through I prepaid $919 for a refundable room at the Three Sisters Hotel. I couldn’t make the trip because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Otel agreed to contact the hotel and let me know their response. After a few weeks, I contacted the hotel to ask about my refund. A representative said they had not received any payment from They fully supported my request for a refund.

I contacted and asked for a refund again. I received an e-mail from indicating the refund had been issued.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory: Quarantine Guide By State


Some states allow visitors in if they offer proof of a negative test for COVID-19 taken within three days of arrival, but it takes longer than three days to get results at many testing sites around the country. Some states ask visitors to quarantine until they receive proof of a negative test, while others say a test isn’t a reliable replacement for quarantining. Plus, a city might have its own quarantine rules, separate from its state’s (example: Chicago has quarantine rules for travelers; Illinois doesn’t).

Uneven enforcement

Many states, such as Pennsylvania, are presenting their quarantine policies as recommendations, with

Choose Hyatt Over Choice Hotels When Signs Of Travel Return


Hyatt stock (NYSE: H) has declined by close to 40% since early February after the WHO declared the coronavirus disease a global health emergency, while Choice Hotels stock (NYSE: CHH) has fared slightly better and lost only 20% of its value. Lockdown measures and social distancing norms have significantly affected the travel & tourism industry across the world. More so, the hotel occupancy rates have

Review: Genki Covert Dock is a decent power and video solution for USB-C fans


The Genki Covert Dock can charge USB-C devices like the iPad Pro and Nintendo Switch, and connect them to the big screen even while remaining smaller than other power adapters.


The Covert Dock looks like an ordinary charger, but packs all the power of a USB-C dock within its tiny form factor. There is a USB-C PD 3.0 port, USB-A 3.1 port, and an HDMI port on one side, with a 120V foldable-two-prong plug on the other.

The USB-C port will connect to a device and pass through information from the USB-A and HDMI port to the primary