The COVID-19 Risks You May Take, And Create, While Traveling


Travel is a growing challenge in efforts to contain the coronavirus. Take the case of a man with COVID-19 symptoms who boards a flight to Massachusetts after a work trip to North Carolina. He doesn’t want to ride out a serious illness in a hotel room. A woman from the Boston area develops a sore throat, her first sign of COVID-19, as she and five companions drive north from Florida, dropping off three passengers in New Jersey.

And then there’s the family of four who lands at Logan Airport after visiting relatives in Texas. They’ve taken three flights and stayed

Tourism Talks – The Importance of Saving Travel –


By Misti Kerns

Jobs in California and right here at home in Santa Monica are in real danger. A busy summer travel season has typically employed thousands in our state and local community, but this year’s new reality has put many in our industry out of work. With restrictions in place and understandable traveler concerns, the summer season has not been at its usual levels, even while travel businesses and employees take important safety precautions and implement new health and safety protocols.

At Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, representing the travel industry, its many small businesses and workforce, our responsibility

Covid Travel Restrictions Devastate Africa’s Tourism


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Global restrictions on travel have dealt a devastating blow to African nations who depend on tourists and their hard currency to support an industry that employs millions of people on the continent.

National carriers in Mauritius, Kenya and Namibia ran into more financial trouble as flights were grounded. In South Africa, listed hotel group, Sun International Ltd., announced two of its casinos won’t reopen after the country’s coronavirus lockdown ends. Kenya expects the number of flight passengers to fall by about 1.6 million and losses of as much as $511 million in hotel-room revenue if the pandemic persists.

How These Entrepreneurs Are Boosting Brands Fast and Remotely From 6 Different Countries


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Seeing business opportunities, growth and strengthening in the midst of changing and critical times worldwide is what differentiates the mentality of an entrepreneur from the rest of the people. It is precisely this aspect that distinguishes Harley Cannard and Cory Hill, co-founders of the company Amz Automation Australia, and true visionaries in terms of the accelerated and effective growth of a brand.

The ability and capacity for innovation of these entrepreneurs are what has made their business stand out as an alternative that offers experienced brands,