Dupree’s vintage clothing, decor shop just opened in South Milwaukee


If you drive down Milwaukee Avenue in South Milwaukee, you might catch a glimpse of a 1960 Pontiac Star Chief and a 1964 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood. 

Those belong to Natalie “Bonnie Holly” Gajewski and Jo Donner — two friends who recently opened a shop featuring vintage clothing and accessories, and mid-century decor at 1310 Milwaukee Ave. 

Donner already has an online shop called Miss D’Meanor Designs, where she sells sweater clips that she creates, and other vintage goodies. 

Gajewski owns Barberella, a contemporary hair salon with a vintage twist, right down the street from the new store. She has specialized in vintage hair for about 20 years.  

Together, they now own Dupree’s, named after a character in the John Waters film “Cry-Baby.”

The store carries vintage clothing, from the 1930s to modern day reproductions, accessories, such as, hats, jewelry, and shoes, and home decor, from dishes and lamps to small pieces of furniture and artwork. 

Jo Donner owns Dupree's in South Milwaukee with her friend, Natalie “Bonnie Holly” Gajewski.

“When you’re in this type of subculture, when you see a great deal on something, you kind of just have to buy it because it’s not like you’re going to see it again,” Gajewski  said. “Now, we can put all of this stuff in the store.”

“We both realized we had a lot of stuff accumulating in our homes and just said, ‘Let’s do it, let’s jump right in and do it,’ ” Donner said.

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