Looking forward to general election


I was humbled by the strong vote of confidence that I received in last week’s primary election in House District 88. I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I commend Wayne Farrin for the positive nature of his campaign. I look forward to a similar tone during the general election.

During the primary, I talked with hundreds of my neighbors. Their highest priority was the pandemic and worry about the possibility of a second wave. People are deeply concerned about the economic and social impact of the pandemic, especially on families with school-aged children. We need to care for each other and make sure everyone stays safe.

There is growing concern about the upcoming school year. Our teachers, parents, and children will face unprecedented challenges as we figure out how to bring everyone back together. This will not be an easy process and will require everyone to have patience, imagination, and to think in new ways.

The pandemic has also illustrated our need to expand high speed internet across our communities. This will allow people to live in our rural areas while working remotely, enable children to learn safely from home, and foster better communications among families and friends. I am happy that Maine voters recently approved a bond to expand our internet infrastructure. We need to continue pushing this forward.

Climate change is another concern people shared with me. It is our moral responsibility to do what we can to reduce our impact on the planet.

As a farmer, I see hope in every season. I am a pragmatic problem-solver with a common-sense approach. I encourage you to visit my website hamiltonforthehouse2020.com and call me at 207-242-2559.


Chris Hamilton
Democratic candidate, House District 88



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