American Cars & Their Essence

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is unveiled during Oscar week in Los Angeles, Calif., February 4, 2020. (Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters)

As the automotive industry continues to globalize, some are wondering, “What is an American car?” Dmitri Solzhenitsyn recently wrote a piece making the case for why we should buy from Cadillac — the luxury arm of General Motors — concluding, “In any case, as American consumers, we surely have the right to make the aesthetic — perhaps irrational — decision to voluntarily purchase the fruits of American design, ingenuity, and labor, whether they be those of Cadillac, Tesla, or Chevy.” In

Europeans Buying Electric Cars May Lift Weak Lithium Market


(Bloomberg) —

European consumers are getting hefty incentives to buy electric cars, mining projects are getting delayed and some auto plants are reopening. All of that will pull lithium out of the doldrums.

That’s the view of Albemarle Corp., the world’s largest producer of the battery metal.

Despite mining delays as well as restarts of some auto plants following coronavirus lockdowns, prices for the metal used in electric-vehicle batteries remain at multiyear lows. But the head of Albemarle’s lithium business says hefty incentives for consumers to buy EVs in Europe, as well as changes to encourage carmakers to build greener

Chevrolet’s Shark-Themed Concept Cars of the 1960s


One of our favorite non-automotive times of the year is upon us: Discovery’s Shark Week 2020 begins this weekend on Sunday, Aug. 9, so we’re also in the mood for some automotive sharkdom. So, we figured this is a great time to look back at some of Chevrolet’s cool shark-themed concepts of the 1960s.

1961 Mako Shark concept: Selling the new Corvette

Legend has it that the original Mako Shark concept car’s name and color scheme were inspired by the real thing—specifically, a mako shark that GM styling chief Bill Mitchell caught himself and had mounted in his office. The

Electric Cars Won’t Save the Environment if the Numbers Don’t Add Up


Electric cars are one of the fastest growing sectors of the automotive industry. Record sales are being made despite the economic crisis posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Seven years ago, there were only 3500 plug-in cars in the UK – there are now 300,000. Almost 120,000 of them run purely on battery power. Many view the current period, even though it coincides with the pandemic, as a watershed moment – a shift in consumer sentiment is expected to lead to a surge in electric vehicles.

All the major car manufacturers are now launching pure battery electric models and many