Food Network’s Alton Brown gives unique cooking tips


ST. LOUIS — Shelter in place orders have allowed many families to sit down together and have dinner again.

Meal prepping, incorporating the kids in dinner preparation, all of these positives have made Food Network chef Alton Brown teach others how to be creative in the kitchen.

“If you get kids in the kitchen and get them involved in meal prepping, letting them make and cook whatever they want and then eat all of it, they will get excited and eat anything in the world,” explained Brown.

Another tip the celebrity chef stressed is to be diligent in reading labels

Make these no-cook meals for lazy days | Food & Cooking


National Lazy Day is August 10th. I’m not sure if this is an official holiday, but I’m definitely down with celebrating.

Especially if it gives me permission to (mostly) forgo the heat of the oven and stove for quick and easy meals.

Here’s to staying cool in favor of fresh, quick low-cook meals.

Loaded Hummus, Flatbread and Pan-Fried Sausages

This is a sort of non-recipe, but I’ve shared the heaped hummus recipe from Smitten Kitchen to make it easier for home cooks who like a bit of direction.

4 large pitas, toasted, cut into wedges

1½ cups (8 ounces) cherry

Food processor or blender: How to choose and use two trusty appliances


Food processors and blenders tend to get lumped together when people talk about kitchen appliances. After all, you can throw a bunch of ingredients into each and come out with something pureed. That is certainly true, but these two staples for home cooks work differently and excel at different things. Here’s how to differentiate them — and decide which one is right for you, or your recipe.

How they work. Food processors and blenders are similar in that both typically involve a motorized base and a repository for the food

It’s officially OK to eat mac and cheese for breakfast, according to Kraft | Food and Cooking


Kraft mac and cheese is now a breakfast food, apparently

Kraft wants you to wake up and smell the mac and cheese. The company hopes the new “breakfast” label could take away some of the shame that’s associated with parents serving their kids easy-to-make non-breakfast foods in the morning.

Kraft wants you to wake up and smell the mac and cheese.

More Americans are eating at home as the pandemic spreads across the United States, and household routines are changing. So Kraft Heinz announced Tuesday that it will rebrand its Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner along with its iconic blue box.

It’s not getting a full