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The premise is an online wine and cheese pairing led by Davis and Commander’s Palace executive chef Tory McPhail. Commander’s Palace sells tickets that include access to the call, three bottles of wine and two cheeses to taste along at home.

The medium is the same video conference tool that bridges so much work life and what now passes for social life.

In practice, however, it has become a rollicking weekly variety show of food and wine, equal parts gourmet and goofball, more Jimmy Fallon than Robert Parker.

There’s a cast of recurring characters, ongoing bits, a house band, a

Neman: Plant your garden now for fall harvest | Food and cooking


Plants and gardeners also benefit from the soil, which is much warmer now than it is in the spring. In the spring, the soil temperature is around 50 degrees, but now it is closer to 80.

The warmer soil temperature helps the seeds germinate quicker, and sometimes much quicker.

According to a particularly helpful video put out by the extension service, lettuce, which typically takes seven days to germinate in the spring, only takes a little more than two days now. Beets, which take 17 days to germinate in the spring, only require five days now.

Not only does that

Smith: Dill is a versatile, useful ingredient | Food and Cooking


The thought of fresh dill is a reminder of dill pickles for many. With dill’s unique flavor, people either embrace it or turn up their nose. For those who embrace it, dill is a versatile and useful ingredient in the kitchen with many culinary uses besides pickling.

Dill can serve as both an herb (dill weed) and a spice (dill seed). Dill weed is a beautiful green feathery garnish with a noticeable aroma. It will lose it’s flavor quickly when introduced to heat, and therefore, should be added to the last minute of cooking, or used in cold dishes, such

Getting pickled: 7 recipes that don’t use cucumbers | Food and cooking


Pickled cherries — call them cerises au vinaigre, if you want — make a delightful snack. Try them with a cheese plate. They are nicely sweet, with just a little hint of the vinegar that makes them pickles. In fact, the pickling liquid has almost twice as much sugar in it as vinegar.

Pickled Cherries

The other ingredients? Our now familiar cinnamon stick and cloves.

Pickled pears are less like an hors d’oeuvre and more of a dessert. They are sweeter than the cherries, with just a whisper of vinegar for a contrapuntal edge. And the other flavors? Um, a