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Kids stuck at home? Introduce them to great careers in information technology.

By now, you may be running out of ways to keep your kids entertained at home. What if they could learn something new, get on the path to a great career and have fun?

West Michigan Tech Talent, a group of educators, trainers, Information Technology professionals and workforce experts, has curated a list of great, at-home resources that kids can use to get started in computer science.

“Having tech skills encourages kids to think about what’s possible in the future,” said Anne Pentiak, industry council lead with West

UW-EXTENSION: Families have biggest impact on language, literacy of children | Local News


What we may refer to as “baby talk” is a natural way that parents can speak to babies. Just raise the pitch of your voice, speak slowly, use short sentences and repeat words. This kind of talk helps babies learn new words. Babies prefer “baby talk” to regular adult talk.

By 3 months old, your baby is already trying to make different sounds. Babies this age like to coo or make sounds like “Ahhh” and “Oooh.” Whenever your baby does that, respond as if they are making words. Responding to your baby shows them you are interested in what they

Fuelled by Volvo, China’s Geely Seeks Launchpad to Enter Auto Giant Orbit | Top News


By Yilei Sun and Brenda Goh

TAIZHOU, China/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese carmaker Geely plans to use a platform developed with input from Volvo to build new models in Malaysia for its partly owned Proton brand, a strategy that shows how it aims to accelerate its push to become China’s first global auto giant.

The yet-to-be-finalised plans for Proton are just one strand of a Geely project to revamp factories at home and abroad using joint platforms it has been perfecting with Volvo since 2013. Geely bought the Swedish brand 10 years ago for $1.8 billion – a deal that raised