Montgomery County works to revise mail-in ballot strategy ahead of general election | News


NORRISTOWN — With the general election approaching in three months, Montgomery County’s election officials are working to ensure the mail-in component goes smoothly.

“There were certainly a lot of lessons learned in the primary [election] … and plenty of things that were done for the first time ever,” said Lee Soltysiak, Montgomery County’s chief operating officer.

Soltysiak said the Montgomery County Department of Voter Services conducted “an internal review” to unpack the events of the state’s June 2 primary election. The analysis included feedback from several groups including the parties, poll workers and voters. The critiques would help with devising

What Is a Compact Car? | News

2020 Compact Sedan Challenge photo by Christian Lantry

As automakers continue scurrying to meet consumers’ apparently insatiable demand for SUVs by cramming more and more of them into their lineups, sedans and hatchbacks are falling out of favor. Despite their uncool status, however, compact cars remain among the most affordable types of vehicle you can buy. But what exactly is a compact car? 

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It depends on who you ask. In general, compact cars are hatchbacks or sedans that sit in between the subcompact and mid-size classes in

Householder charges prompt bills to change Ohio campaign finance laws – News – The Columbus Dispatch


Some lawmakers want to see more disclosure for nonprofit groups that can spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns.

There are three bills circling Ohio’s Statehouse that backers say could have prevented — or at least made it easier to catch — what’s alleged in the federal indictment against former Speaker Larry Householder.

“You would have been able to donate all the money just the same, but it would have been all public,” Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said. “You would have known who the contributors were and the amounts.”

And that, supporters of these bills say, would have made

Car review: 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible is the perfect social distancing tool – News –


The 2021 Lexus LC Convertible is the perfect conveyance for those who must maintain proper social distancing while requiring the latest in fashionable automotive couture. Its siren song is hard to resist.

The LC 500 Convertible is the spiritual successor to the second-generation SC, a stumpy hardtop convertible coupe that was suitably upscale and yet somehow missed the mark. After eight years, it departed in 2010.

Like the LC 500 Coupe, which arrived for 2018, the LC 500 Convertible’s proportions are long, lean and muscular, like that of a traditional rear-wheel-drive convertible. Its looks are anything but conventional. The LC’s