How to sleep train your baby? Here are the 7 tips for parents


Sleep training your baby is meant to bring your little one on a strict routine to fall asleep on the right time and have a sound sleep. So, here are certain tips for parents.

Sleep training your baby is one of the most essential parts of parenting. Experts suggest that you should start the training when your is of 4 to 6 months of age. Infants between 4 and 12 months need to get 12-16 hours of sleep in a 24 hours period. Toddlers of 1 to 2 years have to get 11-14 hours of sleep and kids of 3-5

Katherine Schwarzenegger: Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger become parents, welcome baby girl

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood star Chris Pratt and his wife, author Katherine Schwarzenegger have become parents to their first child. Katherine’s brother, actor Patrick Schwarzenegger confirmed the news in a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight on Sunday.

“They’re doing great… just got her a little gift,” Patrick said in the clip.

The 26-year-old also showed a package with a pink ribbon on camera before getting into his car.

It is, however, unclear whether the gift was for his sister or the baby.

Patrick also did not mention the little one’s date of birth.

This is the second child for 41-year-old Pratt.

Mothers, This is Why Your Baby is Not Sleeping And Wailing His Lungs Out


Handling a baby is easier said than done. Your little bundle of joy has just arrived in the world and is not accustomed to its set rules and regulations. Babies do things as per their body clock and wish. To cope up with the stress that comes with parenting, you just need to schedule your day and work according to your baby’s schedule. A newborn is quite demanding and does not sleep continuously for long hours. He will get up frequently to have milk. Training your baby to sleep for long hours without interrupting is a tough job but you

Reforming ‘dad leave’ is a baby step towards greater gender equality


Grattan Institute research published today shows the average 25-year-old woman who goes on to have a child can expect to earn A$2 million less by the time she is 70 than the average 25-year-old man who becomes a father. For childless women and men, the lifetime gap is about A$300,000.

This earnings gap leaves mothers particularly vulnerable if their relationship breaks down.

Unpaid work still falls largely on women

The income gap between mothers and fathers is typically due to women reducing their paid work to take on most of the caring and household work.

Even before COVID-19, Australian women