San Francisco fitness centers fear ‘complete collapse’ amid coronavirus shutdown


Owners of boutique gyms and fitness centers flooded the San Francisco Small Business Commission meeting Monday night and pleaded for permission to reopen.

In a series of speeches grouped under the title “Help Save Us from Complete Collapse,” members of the San Francisco Independent Fitness Studio Coalition addressed Health Officer Dr. Tomas Aragon with an array of emotional and data-based appeals.

“It’s somewhat confusing to me as to why I can’t be 20 feet away from someone and instructing them how to do pushups while both of us where masks,” said Evan Mather, whose facility is about 2,000 square feet

COVID-19; Fitness, Health, Social Club Closure Litigation


As businesses around the country slowly start to reopen after COVID-19 closures caused by state and local government-mandated operation restrictions, plaintiffs have flocked to the courts filing class actions against membership clubs that did not fully refund fees charged while access to facilities and amenities were limited or unavailable.  The most frequent targets of these suits are fitness, health, and social clubs who face consumer class claims for breach of contract, business torts and violations of state consumer protection laws.

Three such recently filed cases are Labib v. 24 Hour Fitness USA Inc., Civ. No. 3:20-cv-02134-JD (N.D. Cal. Mar.

A One-Month Home Gym Fitness Challenge


Many people are investing in their health and wellness these days by creating a collection of equipment to replace going to a fitness center. How you build a home gym will depend on your finances, abilities, space and training goals.

Building a pull-up bar, making a sandbag, finding an old tire, getting a sledgehammer or using rubber bands can add variety to your training routine. With a moderate investment and space, a wall-mounted rack, bench, barbell, plates, dumbbells and kettlebells can create a home gym that rivals most fitness centers.

Depending on your situation, a basic home gym or the

Could This Be The Start Of A New Golden Age Of Fitness?


Over the last few decades, more and more Americans have embraced a healthier lifestyle that included better nutrition and regular exercise.

Data shows that people’s priorities have evolved a bit to reflect higher importance on self-care and wellness.

In 2019, it was estimated that more than 20% of Americans belonged to a gym, fitness studio, or health club. In fact, since 2008, health club memberships have reportedly increased by 37%.

Meanwhile, brands like Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Theory Fitness, and SoulCycle found themselves catering to an audience of health-conscious evangelists that made