Soccer group plans rally at Ohio Health Department Saturday


ANDERSON TOWNSHIP – Adding to the number of protests and lawsuits leveled at the state of Ohio, another local soccer group is fundraising online to go after the Ohio Department of Health.

Currently, high school soccer is considered a contact sport by the department and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Based on the most recent Ohio Department of Health order signed Aug. 1, high school soccer teams are permitted to practice but are restricted to intra-squad practices.

If they were declared non-contact, scrimmages and eventually games against other teams would be permitted. 

While the Governor’s Office and the Health

Michelle Obama says she’s suffering from ‘low-grade depression’ | Health and Fitness


She also discussed her frustration with people who refuse to wear masks. “There’s almost like there’s a limit to our sacrifice and it was about a month and then we just got tired of the virus,” she said. “That’s been disheartening to see so many people who have grown tired of staying at home because the virus didn’t impact them.”

Obama emphasized that while “we’ve been through tough times in this nation” before, “we are in a unique moment in history… We are living through something that no one in our lifetimes has lived through.”

On Thursday, Obama took to

John MacArthur believes the Bible trumps COVID-19 public health orders. Legal scholars say no John MacArthur says Bible trumps public health restrictions on meeting in person.


(RNS) — For the past two Sundays, Grace Community Church pastor John MacArthur has defied California’s COVID-19 regulations by opening the doors of his church, allowing un-masked congregants to sing in close proximity to each other.

Lawyers for the church say that Grace Community Church and MacArthur could face $1,000 a day in fines for doing so. 

Church leaders say they will follow the Bible instead of health regulations.

“We will obey God rather than men. We’re going to be faithful to our Lord,” MacArthur told his congregants in a July 31 video. “We’re going to leave the results to

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for coronavirus | Health and Fitness


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced on Thursday that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

The announcement came shortly before DeWine, a Republican, was scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump in Cleveland.

DeWine was tested as part of the “standard protocol” to greet Trump on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport, the governor’s office said in a statement. He is returning to Columbus, where he and his wife Fran will both be tested.