Back-to-school shopping items you’ll actually need this year


Throw out your back-to-school shopping list from last year: You won’t need it.

Whether your kids are going back to in-person classes, staying home full-time or doing some kind of hybrid, they won’t be able to get through the new school year with just their usual supply of pencils and paper. Remote learning and staying safe from COVID-19 will require a different kind of back-to-school shopping.

Although parents are shelling out more for work-from-home supplies such as laptops and pricey technology, they’re pulling back the purse strings on new clothes, reports the AP. Ditch the new sweaters and shoes for

Shopping safety tips at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets


AUBURN HILLS, Mich (WOOD) – Whether your kids are back in the classroom or doing online school this fall, it’s still a great idea to head over to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills for back to shopping! Mask up and head over to Michigan’s largest outlet mall for over 185 stores, delicious food, and fun attractions. You can check out all the latest trends for jeans, sweaters, athletic gear, shoes, backpacks, and more!

The mall is open daily from 11am – 7pm Monday – Saturday and 11am – 6pm on Sunday.

At home or in class: How to save money on back-to-school shopping this year


Back-to-school shopping is an expensive chore in a normal year; this year is anything but normal. But with August upon us, stores are putting out back-to-school displays in anticipation of children needing to learn, whether in the classroom or at home.

Two-fifths (40%) of parents with children in K-12 or college anticipate their children will be attending classes in a hybrid environment (both in-person and remote) in the fall of 2020, according to a new NerdWallet survey conducted online July 16-20 by The Harris Poll among over 600 parents. Planning for multiple scenarios could result in the need for increased

BBB Tip of the Week: Back-to-school shopping


Going back to school may look different this year, but that isn’t stopping parents from trying to be prepared, whether children are in the classroom or at home. Unfortunately, with supplies low and demand high, people are shopping with new online retailers they have never used before, which is causing extra stress and money loss.

The Federal Trade Commission has reported that Americans have already lost $77.4 million because of COVID-19 fraud. Online shopping is one of the top categories in that report, stemming in part from idled factories that produce the world’s clothing, shoes and electronics. Spring and summer