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“We wanted a well-rounded experience for our own homes. So, it’s things that we loved and wanted to share with others,” Li summarizes.

Fresh flowers in a leather-wrapped vase from Cadine. Handout/Cadine/Ian Lanterman [PNG Merlin Archive]
Fresh flowers in a leather-wrapped vase from Cadine. /PNG

That curated collection of offerings includes fresh flowers sourced from a private nursery in Vancouver’s Southlands neighbourhood — “they’re grown exclusively for Cadine,” Li says proudly — which are then artfully arranged by an in-house florist.

“Flowers in the home have been a source of comfort for us throughout our lives, as I’m sure is the case for other people. They uplift, comfort and they offer so much beauty. So, when words fall short, these flowers are there for you,” Li says.

In addition to the in-house product lineup, the team has also hand-picked a few favourites such as chocolates and apothecary items to offer to shoppers, each one from a brand that Li says perfectly aligns with their dedication to thoughtful creation — and consumption.

“We have a hands-on approach to our design,” Li says. “And it’s kind of brought us around the globe where we’ve connected with like-minded individuals who shared our brand values. The Cadine house-brand offerings are made in Vancouver, made in the U.S., made in Italy, and so many other locations.

“We also showcase designers and brands that share our values and ethical practices. So, they also use ethical practices, sustainable methods and a thoughtful supply-chain method.”

Admittedly, the ‘slow-fashion’ approach that comes with these artisan creations can — and does — lead to sold-out product runs for the young company.

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